Sunday, 2 October 2016

September lurves

This week has been packed with exciting things and plans. As October rolls around, leaving September in the dust, so does another 'favourites' post. Now, I love doing these because my style is forever changing and it's great to go back and see how my style has changed. So hopefully you enjoy this post and it inspires you! Also to leave on an exiting note is that I'm going away for a couple a days so I hope I will have some great photography opportunities! Enjoy your last week of hol's kiwis!
(*disclaimer, all of these photos aren't my own and all credit goes to the rightful owners. I sourced most of these off Pinterest and the Internet.)

  1.  Wild flowers. These feel like the precious little flowers on earth right now! Forget roses give me a bunch of wildflowers! Luckily enough for me I have a huge wattle tree just down the road which I pick my weekly bunch from.
  2. Black and white faces. (With shadows too!) I just love love these images I found! I'm not sure the true reason I just raaaaaahhh love it!!! 
  3. French vibes. That classic red lip with the black bob and beret just is making my scream! I absolutely adore that French vibe as well as the language and accent! I have learnt a couple of words haha although I sound pretty terrible haha! 'Allons - nous en?
  4. Blush pink and that half mustard - half hazelnut colour. Argh I just want to be surrounded by this colour. Also can I mention how cute is that pink top??
  5. Aesop resurrection hand cream. In fact pretty much everything Aesop. I just love when the tubes get all wrinkly and crinkled they just look so cute. An aesop store has recently opened in nz but sad enough I would have to go on a plane to get to it! *sigh
Oh and I also forgot to mention these mugs on my list -
I totally wouldn't mind drinking my morning tea out of these either

And to finish this post up below is my September tunes playlist. These are all the songs I have always loved or ones that I have recently discovered. Have a listen and tell me you thoughts! Catch you on the flip side!
- Sophia xx

September playlist//

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